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2x Monthly Coaching Package

1:1 Coaching From A Handyman Branding Expert - 2x calls a month

Where we focus on:

BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND-Strategies and mindset to building your personal brand.

BRAND CLARITY-The who, what, and why.

BRAND AESTHETICS-Creating a cohesive visual identity that matches your messaging.

BRAND STORIES + VOICE-Learning how to connect your stories to you brand and bring your voice to your messaging

MARKETING STRATEGY-Where we figure out how you will build your authority, attract your audience and what content you will create, and why.

OFFER ALIGNMENT-Make sure what you offer aligns with what your audience wants.

This package includes :

Two (2) 60-minute calls per month

Unlimited email and Voxer support

Monthly Coaching = $600 per month

Minimum 3 Month Commitment

If you can

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